Tinne + Mia Faded Lemon Note Booklet

Tinne + Mia Faded Lemon Note Booklet

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A small handy bullet journal that you can easily take with you anywhere you go.

Use this notebook to brainstorm, sketch or just collect your notes. We produced it from Japanese FSC paper. On the cover we printed a poem with black glossy foil. Because of its small handy size, you can take it everywhere you go. 

- cover: 300 grams yellow coloured Art card
- hot foil details in glossy black
- inside: 100 grams Japanse FSC paper
- 48 pages of content
- Pantone print in soft grey: dotted grid
- size: 100x145x4 mm
- 3,9x5,7x0,16 inch
- singer stitch bound

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