Midori XS Cutter
Midori XS Cutter
Midori XS Cutter

Midori XS Cutter

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Winner of the Good Design Award for its compact functionality, this handy little cutter is small enough to accompany you anywhere. It measures just under 3 inches long when closed, and about 3.5 inches when the blade is extended.

When the blade grows dull, a tool attached to the bottom of the cutter can be used to snap off the dull part of the blade. To use this tool, hold the cutter by its sides, underneath the clip. Then pull firmly downwards to remove the tool. Insert the cutter blade into the tool's slot, then apply pressure until the dull section of the blade snaps off.

This cutter can also be reconfigured for left-handed use. To do so, remove the blade-snapping tool from the cutter, then slip the slider and the blade out of the cutter. Lift the blade off the slider and reposition it on the slider so the cutting edge is on the opposite side. Put the blade and slider back into the cutter, and then put the blade-snapping tool back on the end of the cutter.


  • Compact, portable design.
  • Clip for attaching cutter to a pocket or folder.
  • Suitable for both left- and right-handed use.
  • Included tool for removing dull sections of the blade.

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